Better your farriery skills with a clinic with Jon.

If you're wanting improve your shoemaking & shoeing skills then you've come to the right man................exam prep, competition prep or just to better your day to day work.


You know you're in good hands with Jon, some of his career achievements are England Farrier Team Member 2009-15, 2017, BFBA National Champion, Calgary Class Winner, International Forging Champion (many times) to name a few. Jon is known within the industry as a phenomenal shoemaker, this really shines through with his clinic teaching techniques ! 





Jon is a world renowned clinician, he's known for breaking down shoeing and shoemaking in to practical, easy to follow steps that are simple to replicate and build on when back at your own forge. All levels of shoeing and shoemaking are covered, some examples are pre-diploma days, AWCF prep, competition work & practice, general everyday shoeing, surgical/remedial shoeing & shoemaking. 





Jon's '100%' attitude really shows though in his clinics, the passion he has & dedication to help improve the farriery standards is a huge part of his life and passing his knowledge on to other farriers makes all the blood, sweat & very long nights forging worth every minute. 



Clinics can be held at Jon's forge near to Harrogate, North Yorkshire or at your own forge. Please email for further information about booking a clinic and for costings.


Below are some testimonials from farriers who have attended clinics with Jon: 


  •  Jon is an immensely skilled farrier and toolmaker with the gift of being able to teach what he practises - one on one or to large groups. The clinics he has given for Handmade Shoes have been have been insightful, informative and accessible to audiences ranging from apprentices to fellow international competition farriers, Jon is a proper job! - Handmade Shoes (UK)


  •  I was sitting my diploma in Melton Mowbray when we were training for the Home International when I met Jon. His approach to tackling the difficulties of competitions and laid back but firm training set me up with confidence. I  thought that we need to take advantage of these qualities and have become to work very close with Jon. He comes and see’s how we are building up training and people have attended his forge with career changing changes. He has helped The King’s Troop be more successful at competitions and in our careers. Jon has been a fountain of knowledge for myself and the rest of The King’s Troop forge, and long may it continue'.  Bdr Doheny Bombadier | 2i/c King's Troop Forge, The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery |



  • With three children and a mortgage I had to get my head down and keep on clogging as they say. Time came children moved on, I could get back to studying so enrolled to do BSc (Hons) degree at Myerscough. Went to Jon's a few times and learnt so much from a patient man who is a skilled teacher. As a result I got best practical at the end of last year. I am still going to Jon as I enjoy it so much. I highly recommend going to him if you want your skill level to climb. - Paul Young.


  • Thanks again for everything, it was a fantastic day!  I plan to make a lot of caulkins over the next few weeks!  I learned a lot, and really appreciate the time and effort taken to help me improve. A D- Canada 


  •  That was one of my favorite clinics I have attended. You are a great teacher. W.B -Wisconsin 

  •  I've been to clinics with the best & Jon is right up with the best. You can tell he enjoys teaching. It makes a difference. The year end open day for the Virginia Horseshoers Association was captivating. Stephen Mayer Upperville. VA
  • I just saw the opening on fb and instantly knew I was going. I cancelled two full days of work! Lol I am glad that I did. You are genuinely a great guy, and were very patient with me. I liked that you are very good at explaining everything, and make it easier to understand how to fix  mistakes. Most clinicians only show you how its done. I am very thankful for your help and attention, and also your generosity for the block! Thanks for all you do in our industry! -Chad Holmes Virginia USA.










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