New Big Value Sanding Rolls

Want a great finish on your foot at a fantastic price ...... buy 'Mega Value' rolls at 45% cheaper than individual packs !



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Bespoke Tool Making

 If you need a bespoke tool making ?? just ask, as everything is made & set up by Jon so it's easy done........ 

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Book your private or group shoemaking clinic using the 'contact us' page 



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J A Tongs .......... it's been a while but they're now available!

 Jon's tongs are now available.......... 8, 10 & 12mm ....... hand finished by Jon !!! 





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JA Tool Re-Build / Maintenance Service now Available!

 Struggling to set up or maintain your old tools?? Just send them to Jon to re-build and they will come back working like new!! Any brand ....... any tool 


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 'Simon' the leg is the latest addition to the JA family ......... 


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Leg Attachments for the Fitting Feet ..............

 Leg attachments now available........... use with all JA Fitting Feet 

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New JA 'Fitting Feet' ..........!

 JA Fitting Feet, great for practice fitting, available in singles or bundles including apprentice & surgical shoemaking. 


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Made to measure 'Bespoke' farrier knives

Want a 'Made To Measure' Farrier Knife....??


Well Now You Can !!


Made By Jon at NO Extra Cost 








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JA Ally Cutting Plate - no more trashed tools .......!

 J A Ally Cutting Plate ...... no more trashed tools !! 

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JA 'Shoe' Finishing System is here ..................



Great news, the JA 'Shoe' Finishing System is here........


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New JA Heavy Weight 'Draft' Pritchel out now .......!

 New JA Heavy Weight 'Draft' Pritchel now available ...............! 

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New Clinic Page

 Check out Jon's 'JA Clinic' page, needing more details please just drop us a message or use the 'contact us' tab.


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England 2017 farrier team results

 2017 England Open Farrier Team Results -  


Jon Atkinson, Matt Randles, Steven Beane, Robbie Watson-Greaves & reserve Gavin Golby.

Great 2017 team!!!



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New Curve Drop Blade Now Available

 Adding to the already popular knife range Jon's curve drop blade is a great addition. The only farriers knives made in the UK with quality screams out at you. 

The strong blade is designed to stay sharper for longer and the ergonomic handle is super comfortable making easy work trimming any type of foot. 

Availble for right and left handle farriers. 


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New JA Heavyweight Pritchel launched this week

 J A Launches his heavy weight Pritchel, makes super crisp nail holes quick & easy ! 

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New J A Clothing Range added

 New J A Clothing range now available ......t-shirts, vests, polo shirts & hoodies ! Here's the link to the clothing range

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Jon launches new 'Straight Blade' Knife

 ****Get the New J A Straight Blade NOW!***

'The blade is extremely strong without being brittle & holds it's edge like a dream' - Jon Atkinson

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Jon launches the new J A Deluxe shoeing box

The new J A Deluxe Shoeing box is here.............

Handmade & designed by Jon to make your shoeing day easier !

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Jon and the England team win at the Home International 2015!

 Huge congratulations to Jon and the rest of the England Farrier team for winning overall at the Home International 2015.

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Tooling block launch

 Launch of the new JA Tooling block, this sweet little swage block runs like a dream!

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Calgary news

 Jon certainly made his mark at this years World Championship Blacksmith competition Calgary Stampede with a class WIN..! 

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Nailing On Hammers

 Jon's 'NEW' Nailing On Hammer 

now available !!

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Gift Vouchers

 A range of JA Tools 'Gift Vouchers' now available on-line !  check out the webshop for more details

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J A Elite Range

 Jon's New 'ELITE' Range will be launched at Handmade Shoes UK Clinic on the 16th Novermber !

It's the most beautiful range of fullers & stamp that you will have ever seen !! 


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New Hole Punch with hickory shaft

 New hole/stud punch available , mounted on a 17" hickory shaft. Perfectly set up to use with a 3/8th tap.

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Hand held bob punch

 New Hand Held Bob Punch now launched, pefectly balanced and easy to use !

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Firm sided Finishing System now available

 **New 'firm' sided finishing system now available**.  Use on the ground bearing surface of the foot for that perfect finish before you fit your shoe.


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Finishing System

Jon's new double sided finishing system now available !!

Lightweight, double sided , if you want that perfect finish its the perfect tool to use.

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Home International 2013

England win the Home International 2013 !

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The new Jon Atkinson Pritchel is launched !

The new Jon Atkinson Pritchel is now available in store !


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hammer Tool grip

Jon's new tool & hammer grip now available , self adhering it won't slip down the hammer or tool shaft and the extra grip increases accuracy and strength to your hammer blows !

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Tool compound

Jon's new 'Tool Compound' is now available ! Give your tools a treat !

 Photo: *NEW* Jon Atkinson Tool Compound available at Handmade Shoes Clinic this weekend . Give your tools a treat ! Em

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New splitter

New Splitter now available , this super sharp splitter opens up your fullering without distorting the tool & fuller section.


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Turning hammers

New turning & ball pein hammers now available !!

Jon Atkinson Turning Hammer 2 1/4lb

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Great Yorkshire Show Champion

Jon storms to victory at the Great Yorkshire Show winning 4 classes and the overall Championship title !!

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Handmade Shoes UK

Handmade Shoes UK  have joined with us to become the latest farrier supply company to stock Jon's precision farrier tools

Handmade Shoes (UK )Ltd

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Home International

England farriery team storm to victory in the 2012 Home International held at the Royal Welsh Showground

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New Big Value Sanding Rolls

Want a great finish on your foot at a fantastic price ...... buy 'Mega Value' rolls at 45% cheaper than individual packs !


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Want a great finish on your foot at a fantastic price ...... buy 'Mega Value' rolls at 45% cheaper than individual packs !



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